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Thomas Family - Fairystone State Park, Stuart, Virginia

Eight years ago, Rachel & Darren hired me to photograph their engagement, bridal, and wedding portraits in October, 2011. I was 18 years old and had only ever taken photos for family and a few friends, but they put their trust in me to capture some of their precious memories - and I will forever be thankful to them for investing in my passion and seeing my potential way back then!

It has been a joy to watch their family grow with little miss Kimber Rae! I had a great time exploring Fairy Stone Park with them again this fall. The nostalgia from their engagement session and wedding really hit home! Kimber was a little ball of energy and kept us all on our toes for this fun photoshoot. I loved hearing her little laugh and watching how excited she got while playing ring around the rosy with her parents!

Thank you guys for encouraging me way back then to follow this path and do what I love to do, and being patient with me while I learn and grow along the way! It's people like you who make all of this possible.

Here's to all the sweet families and couples out there who allow us to document their special memories.

We owe it all to you~*

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