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Fieldstone Farm

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

Working with the Coopers and their incredible horses was such a treat and a fun change of pace for us this fall. Mel & I got to learn a lot about photographing these magnificent creatures, and it was a fun challenge to keep up with them as they trotted around the farm! The Cooper family own the gorgeous Fieldstone Farm property near Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia where their equestrian team is well taken care of. The Cooper Family's love for horses and Equestrian competitions started with Inglath Cooper, whose passion was quickly adopted by her husband, Mac, and their daughters, Lola, Nadia (featured in a previous blog with Willa & Castello), Kavi (pictured with Collin & London in this post), and Tatti. The horses featured in below, mostly in order, are: Zeus, Collin, Castello, London, and Willa.

We can't thank the Cooper family enough for inviting us to work with them to capture these stunning creatures and we wish them success in all of their future travels and horse shows in the future!

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