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Nadia & Castello - Smith Mountain Lake

For this whimsical session, I met up with Nadia Cooper at her family property & stables in Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia. I found Nadia in the stables with her horses, barefoot and carefree in a floral dress, with a smile on her face. She introduced me to her stunning dapple grey zangersheide, Castello, who has been her faithful partner in many horse shows throughout the years. Together they have competed, placed, and won many medals in equestrian tournaments and festivals, and its obvious that their bond is unbreakable!

After meeting Castello, Nadia also introduced me to her flea-bitten grey, Willa. We took Willa out in the field for some bare-back riding just in time for sunset. After riding with Willa, we took some photos with Castello who couldn't be happier to spend time with his favorite human & get a tasty treat after the session!

I had a great time getting to know this gorgeous gal and learning more about her passion for not only horse shows, but for the horses most of all.

Thanks for catching a sunset with me and introducing me to your sweet equestrian friends, Nadia~*

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