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Megan + Drake / Norfolk Botanical Garden

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

You know how there are some people that you just click with, over the smallest thing? That was how our correspondence with Megan and Drake started. We found that the four of us had a few things in common like laughing at a good dad joke, our opinion of The Joker movie, and an impressive knowledge of all things sarcasm. This fall, we met up with Megan and Drake at the Norfolk Botanical Garden while we were at the Outer Banks for our anniversary. We had such a blast with these two, and we didn't want it to end! We explored the Gardens and discovered lots of gorgeous spots. One of our favorites was the wild flower garden filled with yellows, oranges, and reds. The rose garden was also stunning with roses of every color, and we saw beautiful water fountains and an array of exotic trees. along the way. We loved hearing Megan & Drake's proposal story and the adventures that they have shared together together. As we headed to the parking lot, somehow we all got lost in a conversation about drinking soda from a sock, for a lot longer than we'd all probably like to admit!

We already miss Megan and Drake and plan to try and meet up again next year, since their wedding date is set of 2021! We can't wait to photograph them again at The Market at Grelen on their wedding day, and hopefully meet up again in the meantime. We are so happy to have connected with this special couple and to have made two new friends as well.

Thinking of you two and the family extra this week, and sending all our love your way~*

Congratulations on your engagement and here's to many years of happiness hand in hand!

Love, Mel & Olivia C.

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