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Kimberly & Michael Wilburn & Karen Faber - Blue Ridge Parkway - Anniversary Session

Who says you can only wear your wedding dress once? I am a firm believer that a wedding dress should be celebrated and worn again!

To celebrate Kimberly & Michael's One Year Anniversary this fall, we went out on the parkway during sunset to capture some sweet moments with these two, and with Kimberly's mom, Karen! On the wedding day, things can be so hectic that precious moments are missed, and the bride and groom don't get a chance to just slow down, take everything in, and breath. On Kimberly & Michael's wedding day, things got so busy that Karen and Kimberly didn't get a chance to get photos together, so for this fun anniversary session, they got to have a moment to reminisce and really soak in all the love and joy they celebrated last year on wedding day!

Likewise, Michael & Kimberly perfected their dip kiss and soaked in the views of the mountains and setting sun, hand in hand. If this session wasn't sentimental enough, we saw a tiny plane approaching from the distance, and as it got closer, it shone like a bright star in the background of their photographs! We watched it fly passed, and had a moment of remembrance for Kimberly's father, who was a pilot! It was a beautiful way to end the session, with the memory of him, && just knowing that he too loves his daughter and is supporting her all the way.

Congratulations on your first year of marriage, Michael & Kimberly!

Wishing you many many more happy years hand in hand~*

-Mel & Olivia C.

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