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Journey & Michael - Engaged - Floyd, Virginia

They say couples that laugh together, stay together, and we have no doubts that Journey Haven & Michael Gamble were meant to be! We had the best time with this awesome duo, who traveled nearly 6 hours to go on an adventure with us in the mountains of Floyd, Virginia!

We have literally never laughed so hard or got so incredibly goofy with a couple before, but we are pretty sure we found our humor-twins in our new friends from Newport.

We had a blast exploring the peaks and playing with smoke bombs when we reached the top, and after the smoke bombs, we celebrated the couple's engagement with confetti, which led to a hilarious backfire and Michael glittering like a Twilight vampire in broad daylight! He was a real trooper, with glitter in his teeth, and even remained calm when some got stuck in his throat! Thankfully we had packed plenty of water and he was able to get it all out of his mouth, although we are certain he probably found plenty of it in his hair and clothes for days after!

After all the fun with props, we climbed even higher to catch a beautiful pink sunset before we made our way back down the mountain. Journey and I quoted nearly full episodes of Spongebob to keep us all entertained (Mel & Michael are so lucky to have us! hehe) & then we all literally lost our minds with laughter on the car ride back to where we first met, before we had to say our goodbyes. Thankfully the goodbye won't be for long, and we will be joining these two again in the fall to capture their special day and no doubt, share lots more laughter!

Congratulations, Journey & Michael!

We can't wait to see you again and capture your awesome relationship~*

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