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Jennifer & Nikolaus - Buffalo Mountain Engagement Session

When Jennifer contacted me for an engagement session on Buffalo Mountain, I was over the moon! Earlier in the year, I put together a style shoot to show the magic of the mountain at sunset, and Jennifer & Nikolaus were just the adventurers up for the hike to the top! These two drove down from Charlotte, NC and followed us along the winding backroads to the Buffalo trail. We had about a mile hike up, and the end felt forever away during the final stretch - but there is nothing more refreshing than the view that greets you at the top!

Buffalo Mountain sits high above the mountains, valleys, and low-lying clouds with a 360 degree view. Mel and I had a blast adventuring with Jennifer & Nikolaus - the breeze felt amazing and we all were blown away by the sunset as it transformed throughout the evening into gorgeous backdrops.

We love the opportunity to make new friends and meet couples who, like us, appreciate the great outdoors and are up for an adventure!

Thank you for exploring with us, Jennifer & Nikolaus!! We are so excited for you two to tie the knot, and wish youth happiest ever engagement and marriage. Remember that just like the hike up buffalo, the effort is always worth it ;)

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