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Wes & Christina - Sunset on the Mountain

At first glance, it was just another average muggy evening in May, but Wes and Christina trusted us to go on an adventurous hike for their engagement session in Willis, Virginia to chase down a sunset. They followed us down the sketchy country roads and up the steep gravel terrain to our favorite natural preserve. There, we made the 1 mile trek up the mountain to the stunning view at the top. Wes and Christina have a love for the outdoors, and Wes made the trip extra fun by teaching us about the plants and wild life along the way.

We've agreed that Wes and Christina are the ones you want to be with when hiking in new territory! It's rare to meet people who are so in tune with the earth around them, and we are confident that they could probably easily win Alone or Survivor, with their skills!

Once we made it to the top, we caught the stunning sunset we were all hoping for, and Wes and Christina blew us away as they scaled the rocky overlooks and embraced the roaring winds. Christina's hair and dress whipped wildly, and we could see storm clouds rolling in from a distance - but all these elements only added to the magic of the moment, for some of the most stunning footage we have ever captured.

We had a blast getting to know these two adventurers and are so excited for them to tie the knot this fall~*

Congratulations, Wes & Christina!

Wishing you all the mountain adventures and chinquapin trees a couple could ask for!

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