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Laura & David - Roanoke Engagement

Spending the evening with Laura and David by the water was wonderful. The warm spring weather was perfect, and the water was calm and blue. These two were so natural and sweet together, that capturing their love was a breeze! Both are wonderful elementary teachers who love working with their kids, and also love travel and adventure. In fact, David proposed while the couple were on an adventure together in Germany! We can't wait to photograph their big day at our favorite venue, The Hotel Roanoke, where we tied the knot in 2016. We could tell instantly that these two are meant for each other - there is truly nothing like marrying your best friend and soul mate, and David & Laura have found their home in one another~*

Congratulations on your engagement, Laura & David! Thank you both for all you do as teachers for the children you work with every day, and for being so much fun to adventure with!

We are looking forward to seeing you both again in December!

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