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Kaitlin & Jonathan - Engagement

I woke up to the sound of pouring rain at 3:00 AM and panic set in - Oh no! This morning was Kaitlin & Jonathan's engagement session, and they had traveled all the way down from Richmond for the occasion.

I texted Kaitlin and we all held our breath until sunrise - I had nightmares about the shoot, waking up every hour until it was finally time to make the call. The rain had subsided to a drizzle, but we agree that the yellow fields, which we had originally planned on for the location, would be a wet and muddy mess. Instead, we adventured to another favorite spot in Roanoke, and crossed our fingers that the rain would stay tame for their session.

These are the moments where you can't help but be thankful. Yes, the rain was not part of the plan, but because of the rain, hundreds of freshly fallen cherry blossoms covered the ground like a pink, springtime snow, and Kaitlin's dress couldn't have been more appropriate for the setting!

We had a great time getting to know this cool couple. Once we found out that they loved the outdoors, we decided that, if they were feeling extra adventurous, we could still explore the yellow fields and see if we could create some magic. They agreed, and we hit the road back toward Callaway, where the rain began to pick up and the fog was getting thicker by the minute. Although we couldn't see the mountains surrounding the fields, the rain let up just enough for us to grab some great shots, and we all agreed that it was worth it in the end.

The rest of the day, it rained like crazy and even flooded parts of Roanoke - ironically, the first time we tried to schedule Kaitlin & Jonathan's engagement session, was during a hurricane!! Turns out, this rainy session was just meant to be, and even better that we all could have anticipated it to turn out!

Congratulations, Jonathan & Kaitlin!

Thank you both for being fearless and trusting us to capture your special moments.

We can't wait for your wedding this fall!

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