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Colette Hodges - Christian Heritage Academy Senior 2019

Started off twenty-nineteen right with this gal's senior session in the fields and mountains of Floyd, Virginia! We couldn't not soak in that fresh-spring sunshine and all of this senior's bohemian, chic vibes as we explored the eco village and she played us a tune on her ukulele. It's great to be back at it and back out in the sunshine, capturing such talented and stunning human-beings in their element! Congratulations on being awesome and on your upcoming graduation, Colette! We love you and can't wait to watch you adventure into adulthood and "yeet" your way to success!

After a good winter break, we can't wait to share more from our final fall adventures of 2018 & more from our first sessions of 2019 soon, so stay tuned for more coming up on the blog~*

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