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LeeAnna Gardner - Christian Heritage Academy High School Senior 2020, Franklin County, Virginia

"WOW!" What else can I say when it comes to this gorgeous high school senior? I had the best time exploring with Leeanna and mom, Sandy, on the family's beautiful farm land in Franklin County, Virginia, this August! Sandy brought out some vintage chairs for us to use as props, and Leeanna brought smoke bombs (my absolute favorite!) & some serious gymnastics skills, for us to create some of my favorite images to date.

Leeanna was SO much fun to work with! Her bubbly personality and energetic spirit kept me on my toes, and I had to work that shutter to the max in order to capture all of her incredible gymnastics stunts!

After we played with smoke bombs in the shade, we chased the sun as it started to set over the mountains. The rolling hills of their farm land were peaceful, and chiming with the sounds of crickets as we watched the sunset. It was a gorgeous one, with pink hues that reminded us of cotton candy! As we made our way back, we had to grab some shots with Leeanna's sweet ride with the headlights on!

Here's to senior year, Leeanna! I hope it's your best year of high school yet, and these are only the first of the amazing memories you will make this school year~*

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