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Chris Banke & Anna Kelly- Engagement

Gah! Two of the coolest people I know are getting married! Anna Kelly from NYC and Chris Banke from Nashville drove down to my neck of the woods in Callaway, Virginia for their autumn engagement session.

Anna is an actress whose passion project working for Shining Light Ministries really stood out to me. Here, Anna has lead the vocal team for incarcerated women at SCI Muncy, a womens' maximum security prison. Through her work with these women, Anna has helped them to see that we are all equal and loved by Jesus, and that we all have the ability to give hope to others, no matter our circumstances. You can read more about her work and experience with this inspiring project here!

In Nashville, Chris is a member of the band, Forlorn Strangers; a group who's music I didn't know that I desperately needed until I heard them for the first time! Their music has been perfect for my recent wedding road-trips. My new favorite jam is Signs in the Sky, and you should definitely give it a listen!

Chris & Anna reconnected after years of working towards their careers. Once they reconnected, they knew that they were not meant to be apart for long again! They are the sweetest, most romantic couple and I couldn't be more excited for them to start their forever together!

Just when I thought they couldn't possible be any sweeter, they brought me french macarons all the way from NYC's La Maison du Chocolat. These two were so thoughtful, that they remembered me mentioning how much I loved these macarons from my trips earlier in the year to NYC. This really touched my heart, and I'm blessed to have met such a genuine couple with the biggest hearts. I can't wait to celebrate their marriage in November!

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