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Steven & Eliza - Loch Haven Lake Wedding

Finally, I am excited to share with you, Steven and Eliza's stunning autumn wedding at Loch Haven Lake! The gorgeous jewel tones and autumn foliage worked together to create stunning accents to this couple's outdoor ceremony. Eliza looked like a woodland goddess with her floral crown and bohemian bridal gown, and Steven looked dapper sporting a floral tie and navy suit. The ceremony was officiated by Steven & Eliza's best friends, Molly & Allen Snell, who shared so many happy memories and laughs as they brought their two best friends together as husband and wife.

There were well wishes and happy thoughts placed over the rings, delicious pies and homemade treats, lots and lots of fun and games, and all things pumpkin and spice!

We had a wonderful time capturing these sweet memories and celebrating our new friends. We know that this day is the first of many fun-filled moments these two will cherish together as husband and wife!

Congratulations, Steven & Eliza! We think you two are pretty adorable together (I know, I know, "ewe, gross"!) and we can't thank you enough for choosing us to be your photography team for the day~*

-Mel & Olivia C.

Wedding Coordinator: Mikayla Kelly

Hair & Makeup: Betsy Singleton Kelderhouse

Officiant: Molly & Allen Snell

Dress Shop/Design Designer: ModCloth

Shoe Designer: ModCloth

Tux/Groomsmen Suits: Men’s Warehouse

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