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Ostergaard Family - Newborn Daniel, 2018

For this sweet, in-home session, I met the Ostergaard Family and their newest little addition, Newborn Daniel Barr! Daniel gave me the cutest little dimpled smiles, and his big brother, James, was super excited for the session! James took me on a little photo tour, showing me his big-boy room, his special basketball, digger trucks, favorite books, and snuggly hedgehog friend. We had a blast! Afterwards, we went outside to enjoy the beautiful spring weather. Mom, Lindsey, and Dad, Erik, couldn't have been a sweeter duo. I loved photographing them as they interacted with each other and their little ones - a family truly full of love and joy!

I had a wonderful time photographing the Ostergaards, and am honored to have helped them capture just a few of their sweet family moments for this lifestyle session.

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