• Olivia Diane

Lucius Krehbiel -Adoption Day, Ferrum, Virginia

When Shana contacted me with the news that she and Justin were adopting their sweet foster child, Lu, I was filled with joy! I have watched this sweet couple's journey as they became foster parents and quickly fell in love with little Lucius. When they first started this process, they could never have imagined how things would unfold. They had no clue that little Lu had hearing difficulties, when he was originally cleared medically to have no issues. While no one else foresaw this little boy's struggles, God certainly did! He placed Lu in the perfect hands, with a mom and dad who understood his struggle better than anyone ever could. When people see the three out, they often think that Lu is their biological son! He has picked up mannerisms and wears hearing aids, just like his hero and adopted mama. Shana!

Shana & Justin literally could not be a more perfect match for little Lu. They celebrated their adoption on the exact date that they first brought him home, which made it extra special! Mel & I were so blessed to be able to capture their love and special bond.

Congratulations, Krehbiel family! We are so excited to see you all on this journey hand in hand~*

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