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Lila & Maylee - Stuart Hill Bed & Breakfast

Ever since Mel & I met the Cox family last fall, we have been looking forward to working with them again! Ashley had lots of adorable ideas for the girls' spring session, and found the perfect location at the Stuart Hill Bed & Breakfast.

Stuart Hill's owner, Mrs. Cade, was delighted to have us take photos on her property, where she hosts many tea parties for little girls, birthdays, as well as weddings, and all kinds of events. Their Bed & Breakfast sits on a beautifully landscaped property, and the 120 year old home has several large guest rooms with lovely antique furniture and decor; each piece with a unique origin story.

To celebrate Maylee's first birthday, Ashley brought some adorable "Happy Bee-day" themed props, and we set up a warm milk bath with flower petals and greenery to capture Maylee's love of bath-time. Next, we explored the grounds with Lila and she showed us how she could twirl like a ballerina, jump super high, and run super fast!

It was wonderful to see these sweet little ones again, and how their little personalities continue to blossom as they grow. We had a great time chasing their smiles, and playing under Stuart Hill's stunning weeping cherry tree.

A great big happy 4th birthday to Miss Lila, and a very happy 1st birthday to Miss Maylee this spring!! We can't wait for all the new and exciting things the girls will accomplish this year, and look forward to the next time we get to capture their sweet smiles~*

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