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Charlottesville - Travel Blog UVA, Carter Mountain, IX Art Park

Updated: May 24, 2018

This weekend I got together with my friend, Heather, who recently traveled down for a visit from her home in Hyderabad, India. On Friday, we made a road trip to Charlottesville to visit our long-time college friend, Vi, at UVA.

Vi is currently working on her PhD and doing research and design on a very special bottle for babies born with cleft palate. You can read about her outstanding work, here!

Heather, moved to India last year with her husband, Tony, where they work for Global Partners in Peace & Development & help children in need at their family-run children's home. She also loves photography, and you can see some of her work on her website at HNS Photography.

The three of us originally met during our initial two years of college at Virginia Western, before we transferred to four-year institutes and started our careers.

It was great to get back together with these girls, and make this long awaited trip.

Vi gave us a historical tour of UVA, including the gardens, Edgar Allen Poe's college dorm, the Rotunda, and so much more. Afterwards, we visited the Carter Mountain Apple Orchards and tried their delicious apple cider donuts & slushies. We stopped by the IX Art park on the way back, and hit up some foodie hot-spots throughout the day.

We didn't let the rain get in our way - instead, we dawned our rain boots and splashed in some puddles at the art park! At the end of the blog, I have posted links to all of these unique locations, and the little foodie joints we stopped at along the way.

Thanks for a great time, Heather & Vi! It was great to see you both again, and document our little cville adventure. Until next time~*

Charlottesville Must-Sees:


(We explored campus, including Edgar Allen Poe's dorm room, the gardens, the chapel, and the Rotunda to name a few)

(A public park where you can come, create art, and enjoy)

(Family owned orchards and businesses, including apple and peach orchards, a vineyard, hiking trails, wedding ceremony and reception spaces, a restaurant grill, country store, gorgeous views of the Blue Ridge Mountains & Charlottesville, and so much more.)

Foodie Must-Eats:

(All natural rice and veggie bowels)

(Try the Apple Cider Slushy paired with their famous apple cider donuts for a taste of heaven!)

(Their guac is on point, and if you want to try something fusion, This is My Yam will take your tastebuds to a whole new level)

(Their chocolate hazel nut pie is out of this world)

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