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Caleb & Olivia - Bohemian Inspired Mountain Adventure

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

The truth about wedding day: it's unpredictable. From weather to a forgotten veil, from the perfect sunset to an unforgettable bouquet toss: every moment. The perfect and the perfectly imperfect, are what make your wedding day so unique. Together with with talented vendors, we set out to capture this boho inspired mountain session to represent just that. It was rugged - it rained the entire time, and the drive to our destination was a bit bumpy along the way. We were holding our breath as thick waves of fog swept across the mountain, and rain blew into our faces.

However, we all pressed forward to the top: we were all in, and we jumped into the shoot with rain pelting our lenses and drenching the whole crew! But then... the magic happened. The rain let up and the fog dispersed over the mountain, making the scenery look like something from a fantasy film.

Bliss Salon and Spa's hair and makeup stayed perfect despite the weather - enduring the humidity & sweat from hiking up the mountain, and lasting through the pouring rain at the top.

George's Flowers were dazzling, sprinkled with rain drops, and held together despite the rough conditions, and Michael's Video & Wedding Cinema captured epic drone footage and worked with the elements to create some stunning scenes for their film of the session.

Our couple? They are the best part. They are why we all do what we do, and work hard to make any wedding, event, or couple's session one that you will never forget. Caleb & Olivia, newly weds as of July, 2017, couldn't be more obviously in love. We didn't have to do much to coach them for great shots: we just followed along and captured them in their element: together~*

Now enjoy this sweet video by Jacob Dellinger Michael's Video & Wedding Cinema~*

Behind the Scenes:

Mel Crowell (Olivia Diane Photography) & Jacob Dellinger (Michael's Video)

Megan Lorson with Bliss Salon and Spa (Rocky Mount, VA)

Shout out to Megan's husband, Kevin Lorson, for being awesome and setting up a rain tarp for us so we weren't soaked! & Samantha Schmidt for her exquisite design on the boho florals!

Vendor Praise:

- Michael's Video & Wedding Cinema (Jacob Dellinger)

- Bliss Salon & Spa (Megan Lorson & Olivia Lozeau

- George's Flowers (Samantha Schmidt)

- Olivia Diane Photography (Mel & Olivia Crowell)

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