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Angela & Aleksey - Sunset Ridge Buffalo Farm Wedding - Roxboro, NC

For Angela & Aleksey's intimate Jewish ceremony, Mel & I traveled to the Sunset Ridge Buffalo Farm in Roxboro, North Carolina. Angela looked stunning in her gown and floor-length veil, and Aleksey looked dapper wearing his kippah and navy blue suit. Buffalo's roamed the fields, calmly grazing, and Rabbi Ariel sang Jewish blessings over the couple during their ceremony. Angela and Alksey were joined by their close family and friends, and together they signed their ketubah (marriage contract) along with two witnesses, and stood beneath a ceremonial canopy, called a chuppah. To finalize the ceremony, Aleksey broke the glass, which symbolizes the absolute finality of the marital covenant between them.

After the ceremony, Angela's accent color, yellow, made a stunning appearance for sunset, reflecting in the water by the venue's lovely gazebo!

The reception was held at the Heirloom restaurant, where the families ate delicious fried green tomatoes, made toasts to the newly weds, and had macarons for dessert.

Congratulations, Angela & Aleksey! Wishing you a beautiful future as husband and wife~*


Venue - Sunset Ridge Buffalo Farm Roxboro, North Carolina

Hair & Makeup: Autumn Kelly

Officiant: Rabbi Ariel

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