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Amanda & Scott - Wisteria Ridge Wedding

On the morning of Scott and Amanda's wedding at Wisteria Ridge in Callaway, Virgina, dark clouds rolled in and rain began to fall from the sky in a downpour. I woke up to the rain, and was immediately disappointed. I just knew that the bride had to be so upset! I drove to Wisteria, 5 minutes from my home in Callaway, and met with Amanda who was getting ready. As soon as I saw her face, I knew I was wrong: a little rain was not about to dampen her big day! She was absolutely beaming, with her pixie cut done up in curls; a shimmering tiarra in her hair; her makeup done to perfection; and her eyes gleaming with excitement!

When I went back outside after capturing details, I looked up at the sky, and the scenery took my breath away. Clouds were rolling over the Blue Ridge Mountains creating a gorgeous scene, like something out of a movie from a place far away, hidden amoung the rolling hills. It was beautiful! The rain had diminished to a drizzle, and although we were all concerned that it wasn't going to stop... Amanda still had a big smile on her face, and she was determined to go ahead with their outdoor ceremony.

This strong woman, knows first hand, how rain clouds can come unexectedly into your life. When she was pregnant with her baby girl, she learned that she had breast cancer. Undergoing treatment for cancer during her pregnancy was a devastating storm in her life... but Amanda was strong and determined, and she remained excited and hopeful for what was to come despite it all: the birth of her precious daughter, Braeleigh, and a future with the love of her life and Braeleigh's father: Scott.

Much the same, a storm did roll in on her wedding day: but despite it all, she moved forward with hope and confidence that her dream of an outdoor ceremony would become a reality. And the best part? Just before the ceremony began, the rain lifted away completely, and a cool breeze settled in the air. The clouds settled on the mountains, creating shade fro the guests, and the perfect summer evening for an outdoor ceremony!

Amanda, along with Scott, who has been her support and partner through every storm: truly inspired me with their faith, determination, and love.

Wishing this sweet couple and their baby girl a beautiful future together! I know that no matter the storms in life, they will make it through them all with hope and positivity, and inspire their daughter and so many others to do the same~*


Assistant Photographer: Colette Hodges

Wedding Venue: Wisteria Ridge

Cake & Cupcakes: Kupkakery Bakery

Reception DJ: Jojo Soprano

Officiant: Josh Cokendolpher

Bridesmaid Dresses: David's Bridal

Rentals: Aztec Rentals

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